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Department of Health Strategic Plan 2012-2016 (2013 update)

The Department of Health Strategic Plan 2012—16 (2013 update) (PDF 421KB) is a core planning document for the department.

This updated strategic plan builds on the 2012 edition, which followed the national health reforms introduced on 1 July 2012, and outlines the Department of Health's strategies for supporting the achievement of the government's objectives, and the themes in the Blueprint for better healthcare in Queensland. More detail is provided in the accompanying Strategic Plan 2012—16 (2013 update) supporting document (PDF 1MB).

Strategic planning provides a way for the Department of Health to determine its mission and purpose, and a set of underpinning values to guide the department's activities. It ensures the alignment of our priorities and activities with the Queensland Government's policies and priorities and outlines how we will deliver on the government's policy agenda.

Our vision

Quality healthcare that Queenslanders value.

Our purpose

To provide leadership and direction for the public healthcare sector, and create an environment that encourages innovation and improvement in the delivery of health services.

Our government objectives

This strategic plan contributes directly to achieving four of the five Queensland Government objectives for the community:

The Minister for Health has set out, in the Blueprint for better healthcare in Queensland, a vision for healthcare in Queensland, built around four principal themes:

  1. Health services focused on patients and people.
  2. Empowering the community and our health workforce.
  3. Providing Queenslanders with value in health services.
  4. Investing, innovating and planning for the future.

The Strategic Plan 2012—16 (2013 update) will also align with the Queensland Plan once it is finalised.

Our outcomes

  1. Queenslanders live longer, healthier and more independent lives.
  2. Health equity is improving.
  3. Queenslanders have confidence that their health system responds well to their needs.
  4. The health system is affordable, sustainable and continually improving.

Our objectives

  1. Healthy Queenslanders—facilitate the integration of health system services that focus on keeping patients, people and communities well.
  2. Accessible services—ensure access to appropriate health services is simple, equitable and timely for all Queenslanders.
  3. Safe services—focus healthcare resources on models of care that are patient-centred, safe, effective, economically sustainable and responsive to community needs.
  4. Value for money—provide value in health services by maximising public investment in multi-sector partnerships in service delivery, health and medical research, infrastructure and assets.
  5. Governance and innovation—foster a health system that is transparent, accountable, and innovative.
  6. Partnerships and engagement—cultivate a high quality health system through positive engagement and cooperation with our workforce and health system partners.

To find out more, read the Department of Health Strategic Plan 2012—16 (2013 update) (PDF 421KB) and the Department of Health Strategic Plan 2012—16 (2013 update) supporting document (PDF 1MB).

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