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Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs

Policies and legislation

In the delivery of alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention and treatment, Queensland Health works within the following national and Queensland policies:

National Policies

The aim of the National Drug Strategy 2010-2015 is to build safe and healthy communities by minimising alcohol, tobacco and other drug-related health, social and economic harms among individuals, families and communities.

To access more information about the strategy and the advisory structures that support the strategy visit the National Drug Strategy website.

Queensland Policies

Queensland Health Dual Diagnosis Policy
Queensland Health's policy on service delivery for people with dual diagnosis (co-occurring mental health and alcohol and other drug problems), September 2008.

Queensland Health Smoking Management Policy
The Queensland Health Smoking Management Policy outlines smoking bans at hospitals and community health centres, and encourages and supports staff and inpatients to quit smoking. For more information see Prevention.

Queensland Needle and Syringe Policy (QNSP) 2009
It is Queensland Government policy to reduce the harms associated with injecting drug use without condoning such drug use. One of the significant harms associated with injecting drug use is the transmission of blood borne viral infections such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B (HBV) & C (HCV).

Other Queensland Government policies:

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Australia - Tobacco Advertising Prohibition Act 1992


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Last Updated: 04 August 2014
Last Reviewed: 06 May 2009