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Smoke-free Support Program

Tobacco it could cost us our culture logo   Smoking it can cost us the game logo

The Smoke-free Support Program (SSP) aims to raise awareness and understanding of tobacco smoking issues for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders, and promote a positive attitude towards a smoke-free lifestyle.

The program helps community groups to stage sporting and cultural events through the provision of small grants and resources that promote culturally effective smoke-free messages.

The key SSP messages developed by north Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are "Smoking: It can cost us the game"; and "Tobacco: It could cost us our culture". Event organisers are required to enter into a contract before grants are provided, and an evaluation of recall of the smoke-free messages is conducted at each event.

For further information contact Niamh Scully on (07) 3328 9867 or by email.

Last Updated: 23 November 2010
Last Reviewed: 06 May 2009