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Young Women and Alcohol Campaign

Make up your own mind about drinking

The Young Women and Alcohol Campaign was developed to encourage and support young Queensland women to reduce their harmful alcohol consumption by empowering them to make their own decisions and say no when they want to.

The primary target is young Queensland women aged 18 to 22 years.  These women were found to be in transition from an 'immature' drinking behaviour (high-risk drinking) to a 'mature' drinking behaviour (low-risk drinking). A particular focus are the 'reluctant' drinkers, young women who have a desire to drink less but simply have not yet found the path to doing so.

The campaign puts drinking into perspective, highlighting that the individual's choice not to drink on any one occasion is not that significant in the context of young women’s friends and life choices. Campaign messages aim to empower young women to make their own decisions about their drinking by showing that it's okay to say "no thanks", and that there are benefits to drinking less.
The key campaign messages are "Make up your own mind about drinking" and "It feels good to say no when you want to say no".

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The power of saying no to a drink when you want to  The power of saying no to a drink when you want to

Last Updated: 06 May 2009
Last Reviewed: 06 May 2009