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Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs

Queensland Indigenous Alcohol Diversion Program

Drug diversion programs provide offenders with the opportunity to divert from the criminal justice system and enter into treatment to address their illicit drug or alcohol-related problems.

Queensland Indigenous Alcohol Diversion Program (QIADP)
QIADP offers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, charged with a summary alcohol-related office, the opportunity to participate in treatment.  The program is also available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents referred by the Department of Child Safety, whose alcohol use adversely impacts their ability to protect their children.

QIADP has been designed for two groups of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people:

Location and Numbers
QIADP is being piloted over three years in Rockhampton/Woorabinda, Townsville/Palm Island and Cairns/Yarrabah with the following treatment places available:

 Location    Criminal Justice Stream   Child Safety Stream 
 Rockhampton / Woorabinda



 Townsville / Palm Island



 Cairns / Yarrabah




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QIADP Treatment Program


The QIADP Treatment program is designed to run for approximately 20 weeks, Whilst on the program, participants are expected to attend regular counselling appointments as scheduled by their case manager as well as regular court appearances as directed by the Magistrate.
The QIADP Treatment Team will work closely with local Indigenous treatment providers and Community Justice Group members to develop a culturally responsive treatment program for each QIADP participant.

Culturally responsive treatment plans are based on an understanding of the participant's unique cultural background and aim to respond to their health and cultural needs in a positive and proactive way.

The QIADP Treatment team use a number of tools to assist them to better understand the clien's alcohol and drug use as well as to ensure that the client is fully informed about their rights and responsibilities whilst on the program. QIADP forms:

For more information about the program download the Client Information Brochure, visit the QIADP Website or send an email.

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Last Updated: 04 April 2012
Last Reviewed: 04 April 2012