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Emergency Department

Maryborough Hospital

Queensland Health provides free public hospital emergency care across the state to people who are seriously injured or ill and need treatment.

This page tells you how busy a hospital emergency department (ED) is, and gives information on its performance. For further information about emergency departments and how to access emergency services visit ED Facts.

When a person arrives at an ED for treatment, a qualified triage nurse assesses how urgent their condition is and assigns a category according to the Australasian Triage Scale. There are five triage categories, where 1 is most urgent and 5 is least urgent. The triage system ensures that people most in need of care are treated first. Patients are seen in order of medical priority and not in order of arrival at the hospital.

Monthly emergency department information for October 2014

Indicator Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Category 5 Total
Number of attendances 5 169 510 943 149 1,776
Variation in number of attendances+400%+2%+6%---
Patients seen within clinically recommended times 100% 89% 72% 68% 95% 73%
Median waiting time to treatment (in minutes) 0 7 19 37 32 24
Patients who did not wait for treatment 0% 1% 1% 8% 10% 5%
Patients admitted to an inpatient bed 0% 12% 10% 4% 2% 7%
Admissions to hospital within four hours 0% 19% 37% 44% 33% 36%
Patients whose ED stay was within four hours100%44%60%83%95%74%

Monthly emergency department information for August 2014

Patients transferred off-stretcher within 30 minutes92%

All data is preliminary and subject to change. "-" indicates data not available or not applicable.
Source: Queensland Health Emergency Department Information System, except off-stretcher times sourced from Queensland Ambulance Service eARF Database.

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Did you know?

Queensland EDs have seen the highest growth in attendances in Australia over the last five years, increasing by an average of 7% a year.