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Welcome to the human resources policies index

The HR policy framework categorises HR policies aligned with a Hire to Retire model.


Hire to Retire Diagram

Hire to Retire Model

A. Employment Framework
B. Resourcing
C. Remuneration, Leave and Benefits
D. Relocation, Accommodation and Travel
E. Ethics and Conduct
F. Consultation
G. Learning, Development & Performance
H. Separation of Employment
I.  Other Policies




Human Resource Services Branch has developed the HR policy framework to replace the previous 400+ IRMs.

Please note: Employee entitlements are not diminished as a result of the HR policy consolidation project.

Need help interpreting an HR policy, or have a general enquiry?
Contact your local Human Resources Unit.

Having trouble finding an QH policy visit:

Queensland Health Policy site.


Last Updated: 26 September 2012
Last Reviewed: 06 November 2013