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Carer matter - the experts share there unique, yet familiar experiences... 

Supporting someone with a mental illness can be a challenging experience that pushes you along unexpected and unknown paths.  Trying to make sense of your feelings, the illness, and the whole situation brings many questions with sometimes even fewer answers.  This is not an unfamiliar experience, many families and carers often relate feeling this way. 

Maybe you have had thoughts or questions like the ones below.  Hopefully these stories can give you some reassurance and support to help you in your journey.

Carer's stories:

  1. Is what I am feeling a common experience for families and friends?
  2. How will the experience of mental illness affect the rest of the family and my friends?
  3. I never expected to feel grief and loss.
  4. How on earth am I going to cope?
  5. I feel like I am going to explode...I need help too...
  6. Something or someone's got to change. Maybe its me...
  7. Letting go...

Last Updated: 30 September 2008
Last Reviewed: 30 March 2009