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Continuing professional development


 Continuing Professional Development

What is continuing professional development for nurses and midwives?
Education during this period facilitates the development of nurses/midwives beyond the scope of the transition process.  Advanced clinical, leadership, management, education and research knowledge, skills and values are developed and maintained.

Continuing professional development provides opportunities for nurses and midwives to contribute to the development of the nursing/midwifery profession through research and scholarship.

Who does this apply to?
- All registered or enrolled nurses and midwives

What is involved?
Opportunities exist through a range of activities including:

  • Vocational and tertiary level postgraduate studies
  • Expanded advanced practice (eg. EN and RN Advanced Practice, Nurse Practitioner, Rural and Isolated Practice Registered Nurse)
  • Expanded professional scope through organisational leadership, management and capability development
  • Research activities
  • Professional development (eg. conferences, seminars, workshops, special interest groups)

How long does it take?
Continuing professional development is a career long process.

How do I start?
Continuing professional development is an ongoing responsibility of individual nurses and midwives in partnership with their employer.  Planning of continuing professional development activities is undertaken in collaboration with line managers through the Performance Appraisal and Development process and supported by nurse/midwifery educators.


ThinkNursing – Postgraduate courses
Courses available through Queensland Universities

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(Please note: To access these resources, you need to be a Queensland Health employee and have access to QHEPS.)
Information about the following programs and resources are available by conducting a simple search of the following terms on QHEPS:

Useful QHEPS sites to visit:

A suite of nursing and midwifery learning and development toolkits and resources is currently under development and will be available by mid 2009.

Last Updated: 02 February 2009
Last Reviewed: 02 February 2010