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Education model


Nursing and midwifery education facilitates the integration and/or culmination of learning that occurs within and/or across professional practice.  The three spheres of learning: clinical, organisational and professional equip the nurse/midwife to provide effective and safe patient outcomes on the lifelong learning continuum.

 Euducation model


The principles of learning underpinning nursing education are aligned to Queensland Health’s Learning and Development principles:

  1. Create a supportive environment to promote a strong learning culture.
  2. Align and incorporate learning with priorities across all levels of the organisation.
  3. Integrate external learning and development best practice concepts, standards and frameworks into practice.
  4. Provide and promote appropriate and innovative learning options.
  5. Lead and manage learning effectively and efficiently.
  6. Evaluate learning and development.

Last Updated: 02 February 2009
Last Reviewed: 02 February 2010