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Pathways to Rural and Remote Orientation and Training - PaRROT

PaRROT is a learner centred program, focusing on primary health care, rural and remote health service provision and chronic disease care.
The self-paced courses have been designed to support preferred learning styles and a pathways approach to understanding and implementing this type of care. Please contact the PaRROT team for more information.

PaRROT is currently being updated and streamlined. New look courses are now available.

Getting started

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To get started with PaRROT, there is a simple 3 step process ... Click here for our User Guide or see our FAQ page for help

If you have an account with PaRROT, click button to login
step 1 Create a free account step 2 Create your profile step 3 Go to PaRROT courses Got account already
Create your free account in iLearn Once you have an iLearn account you can access the PaRROT program and create your PaRROT profile.
You will then receive your enrolment key
Your enrolment key gives you access to all PaRROT courses  

External Enrolment Core Course Overview Professional Development Course Overview PaRROT User Guide

Courses 2014

Preparation for Practice

Introducing PaRROT

Introducing Culture

Course Overview Course Overview
Introduction to Concepts

Cultural Capability

Primary Health Care

Chronic Disease Care

Course Overview Course Overview Course Overview
Orientation to Practice

Collaborative Practice
May 2014

Rural & Remote Practice

Course Overview

Course Overview

Safety & Quality
April 2014
Course Overview Course Overview
Transition to Practice

Population Health
June 2014

Promoting Health
June 2014

Course Overview Course Overview
Professional Development

Child Health Check

Adult Health Check

Growing Strong & Well

Course Overview Course Overview Course Overview
Professional Development

Primary Clinical Care Manual

Chronic Disease

Course Overview Course Overview

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Last Updated: 18 March 2014
Last Reviewed: 18 March 2014