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QiiT - Queensland incidents in Transfusion

What is haemovigilance

Haemovigilance consists of the detection, gathering and analysis of information regarding untoward and  unexpected effects of blood transfusion.  The aim is to ensure that lessons are learnt from the analysis of these events, and that this information is disseminated and used to minimise the risks of future events.

What is QiiT?

In order to meet Queensland Health's obligations to promote safe use of blood products under the National Blood Agreement the Queensland Blood Management Program (QBMP) has commenced rollout of a state-wide Haemovigilance system (Queensland incidents in Transfusion - QiiT).  In addition to defining the magnitude of risks associated with current transfusion practice in Queensland, QiiT will contribute to the National Haemovigilance System developed by the National Blood Authority.

QBMP ran a pilot project from 1st June 2007 until the 30th November 2007 to test the integrity of the proposed Haemovigilance System prior to the rollout across the state.  The QiiT Project Team compiled a report on completion of the project which was later endorsed by both the Clinical and Statewide Services (CaSS) Executive and the Queensland Health Executive Management Team (QH EMT).

As a result of this report, the CaSS Executive and the QH EMT recommended the rollout of the program to both public and private hospitals throughout the state.  Since the rollout commenced in 2008 over 100 public and private hospitals have agreed to participate in the program and over 300 events have been reported to the system.

QiiT governance

The QiiT Haemovigilance System is governed by a Haemovigilance Committee which meets bi-annually.  This committee is a sub-committee of the Queensland Blood Board (QBB), chaired by Queensland's Chief Health Officer.

The QiiT Working Group is a sub-committee of the Haemovigilance Committee and is responsible for the day-to-day review and analysis of incidents reported to QiiT as well as the preparation of an annual report for QiiT.

How do I obtain a copy of the QiiT Pilot Project Report?

Please email the QiiT Team and indicate in your request your: Name, Occupation / Speciality, Hospital / Company.
Email: QIIT@health.qld.gov.au

Incident reporting

Private Hospitals:

The QiiT Data Set will assist those reporting to identify events that should be reported:

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QiiT particpating facilities

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QiiT resources

The following resources may be used to support the rollout and ongoing implementation of QiiT at participating facilities.

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Contact us

The QiiT Team (Quality and Safety Team)
Queensland Blood Management Program
Building 2, Level 1
153 Campbell Street
Bowen Hills  Qld  4006

Postal Address
PO Box 126
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QiiT Phone: (07) 3636 2075
QiiT Fax: (07) 3131 6683
QiiT Email: QIIT@health.qld.gov.au

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