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Legislation, standards and information

What is Queensland's radiation safety legislation?

Radiation Health administers Queensland's Radiation Safety Act 1999 and the Radiation Safety Regulation 2010.  The objective of the Act is to protect persons from health risks associated with exposure to particular sources of ionising radiation and harmful non-ionising radiation, and to protect the environment from being adversely affected by exposure to radiation.

What are the Radiation Safety Standards?

Radiation safety standards, which are made by the Minister of Health, establish the minimum safety criteria for:

Compliance with the standards assist possession licensees in ensuring that the health and safety of persons are not adversely affected by exposure to radiation.

To demonstrate that their radiation sources and premises comply with the applicable radiation safety standard, possession licensees must obtain a Certificate of Compliance from an appropriately accredited person.  Verification of compliance with the standard is required before initial use of the source, and then periodically at intervals specified in the Radiation Safety Regulation 2010.

To obtain a list of accredited persons, please contact Radiation Health.

What are Queensland Health's radiation related policies?

Queensland Health has a number of information sheets to assist in the administration of the radiation safety legislation.

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Last Updated: 09 May 2011
Last Reviewed: 04 November 2008