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RCH Nursing profession practice

nursing professional practice model

The model explained

A professional practice model provides the guide for achieving outcomes for patients, clients, staff and the organisation.  We value and recognise the role that nurses have in providing exceptional care and advancing nursing practice and we are committed to ensuring standards and processes are in place to support excellence in patient centred care.  The CHS nursing professional practice model reflects this commitment to meeting the health-care needs of our patients / clients while meeting the professional development needs of our nurses.

The model is influenced by:

With input from / by various sources, such as:

To achieve outcomes for all stakeholders:


The model’s underpinning values

The underpinning values of the CHQ’s Professional Practice Framework are:

Keep growing. Learning and development is lifelong.
Ask questions. Require the continuous development of explorative questions and the measurement of outcomes.
Work as a team. Communication and teamwork are essential for quality patient care and will support continuous development of the nursing profession.
Lead the way.  Nurses can help lead the way into a future of quality, evidence-based, and patient centred care particularly through positive role modelling in daily clinical practice.


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Last Updated: 06 July 2011
Last Reviewed: 28 March 2007