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Contact Tracing Support Program

The Queensland Contact Tracing Support Program commenced in mid-2009.  The purpose of the Program is to actively promote contact tracing to GPs, Divisions of GPs, Indigenous Health Workers, Corrective Services, Primary Health Care Centres and Aboriginal Medical Services.

A key element of the work of Contact Tracing Support Officers has been to conduct audits focussing on the capture of key indicators for the management of sexually transmissible infections (STIs).  Each audit considers treatment rates, treatment intervals, retesting rates and contact tracing activities, and to date they have been conducted in a variety of clinics including GP practices, sexual health clinics, hospital based clinics and community based clinics.  Clinicians in these clinics have conducted the audits with the advisory support of the Contact Tracing Support Program.

Contact Tracing Support Officers

Queensland Health employs Contact Tracing Support Officers to actively promote contact tracing to GPs, Indigenous Health Workers and larger entities through education and support.

Click on the link for the Contact Tracing Support Officer role description.
(NB: this is a generic role description and individual role descriptions will be slightly different to take into accout local health services and population differences.)

To contact your nearest Contact Tracing Support Officer, see the table below


Contact Tracing Support Officer Hospital and Health Service  Location  Phone number 
Joanne Leamy  Torres Strait and Cape, Cairns and Hinterland  Cairns Sexual Health Service  07 4226 4777
Monika Buhrer-Skinner  Townsville, North West and Mackay  Townsville Sexual Health Service  07 4433 9600
Penny Marshall  Central Queensland, Central West, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast, Metro North  Metro North Public Health Unit 07 3624 1187 or 0429 340 210
Alan Walker  Metro South, Darling Downs-West Moreton, South West, Gold Coast  Princess Alexandra Sexual Health  07 3176 7587 or 0407 230 642 

Last Updated: 10 October 2014
Last Reviewed: 29 August 2011