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Schedule 8 Online

Schedule 8 Online (S8 Online) provides secure electronic data transfer of Schedule 8 prescription data from Pharmacy Dispensing Systems (PDS) to Queensland Health's Monitoring of Drugs of Dependence System (MODDS).

Pharmacists who apply for Site Certificates and Certificates are able to participate in sending patient sensitive information to Queensland Health by accessing a secure web site.

Using S8 Online

What is Schedule 8 Online

S8 Online is designed to provide Queensland private Pharmacists with the ability to securely transmit Schedule 8 data to the Drugs of Dependence Unit (DDU).

The S8 Online Internet Interface enables a Pharmacist to access a secure web site and send their Schedule 8 file to the DDU. The transmission is secured with PKI encryption using the Medicare Australia Location certificates of the Pharmacist and DDU.

Benefits to Queensland Private Pharmacists

The primary benefit for Pharmacists who choose to use S8 Online to report Schedule 8 prescription data to Queensland Health is preparation for future on-line initiatives such as PBS Online, Electronic Health Records, and HealthConnect.

PBS Online allows a Pharmacy to submit prescription details electronically to Medicare Australia for assessment at the time of dispensing, thus providing greater certainty of payment amounts, more frequent claiming, reduced administration and fewer errors.

One of the prerequisites for PBS Online is a:

This is also a prerequisite for S8 Online.

Benefits to Queensland Health

S8 Online provides a method of data transfer that is faster, more cost efficient and has higher accuracy than the current paper-form based method. This improves data quality, particularly the timeliness and accuracy of data, while decreasing administrative effort and costs for the Queensland Health Drugs of Dependence Unit (DDU).

This in turn enables Queensland Health to:


There are two main customer groups who use S8 Online.

This page last updated: 01 August 2008
Review date: 01 July 2009

Access S8 Online

To access the S8 Online
secure web site
and upload your S8 data,
select the following link.

Login to S8 Online

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