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Aquired Brain Injury : Support for Families

| I have a young child with an ABI |

The unexpected occurrence of ABI as an adult suddenly creates many new situations that confront all family members, extended family and friends.  Immediate family and friends initially face the turmoil of often lengthy periods of hospitalisation and rehabilitation for their loved one. 

Once home, the realities of the changes in the person with ABI and the demands of caring may significantly affect daily living, roles, responsibilities and relationships.  This can create many uncertainties and stresses as families try to adjust to the new circumstances.  Emotional reactions to the ABI and changes that ensue can be varied and at times overwhelming.  Community and government organisations, such as Health, Disability Services Qld, respite services, rehabilitation, vocational, recreation services and brain injury services are available to provide advice, support and referral.  

The following fact sheets cover specific areas of family experience in more detail and offer some strategies to cope with these experiences.

  • My partner has had an ABI.   (pdf, 81kb)

  • My friend or extended family member has an ABI    (pdf, 79kb)

  • My Sibling has and ABI     (pdf, 81kb)

  • I know a child with a family member who has an ABI    (pdf, 76kb)

  • I know a parent with an ABI who is now struggling with Parenting after ABI


If you are a Support Worker or Service Provider supporting a client with ABI and their family the following fact sheets may assist you in your support of the family of your client:


Just for Kids -  Go to  click here to go to the brain crew page   Kids Zone

Further information can also be obtained from the Synapse website (formerly the Brain Injury Association of Queensland)

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If You Have A Young Child With An Acquired Brain Injury Please Try The Following Links:


Queensland Paediatric Rehabilitation Service - (QPRS) at the Royal Children's Hospital Brisbane.

Working Wonders -

Rehabilitation Of Children with Acquired Brain Injuries & N euro-muscular Disorders -  at the Mater Children's Hospital Brisbane.

Synapse: (formerly the Brain Injury Association of Queensland) 

Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne
- has brain injury fact sheets under the Kids Health Information for Parents section.

Brain Foundation


Contact ABIOS:

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Last updated: 27 September 2013