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Models of Care and Service Redesign

The Office of the Chief Allied Health Officer supports the redesign of models of care and workforce skill-mix in order to improve access to appropriate services in a cost-effective manner. This includes:

  • opportunities for health practitioners to work to their full scope of practice (including advanced clinical practice) in appropriate contexts:
      • requesting diagnostic investigations
      • radiography commenting
      • criteria-led discharge
  • opportunities for health practitioners to work to with an extended scope of practice in appropriate contexts:
    • prescribing of medicines
    • skill-sharing between allied health professionals
  • mechanisms to achieve effective delegation and support better use of the allied health workforce
  • allied health professional-first clinical care pathways
  • an integrated education, training and clinical governance strategy to support the effective introduction and integration of new roles
  • services through the use of technology to enhance service delivery.

A range of workforce redesign resources are available to support teams and ensure clinical service delivery best meets patient needs.

Last updated: 22 December 2022

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