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Comprehensive asbestos information and resources are now available in one location on the Queensland Government website.

This page contains general information about asbestos for:

  • home renovators
  • workplaces and businesses
  • local government.

Home renovators

Laws affecting the handling and removal of asbestos by home owners, renovators and owner builders were introduced on 18 June 2007.

Homeowners who wish to remove more than 10 square metres of asbestos materials must obtain a certificate.

If you are thinking about working with or removing a material that contains asbestos, there are some questions you need to consider:

  • If it is in good condition (e.g. undamaged), can you leave it alone?
  • Do you know the alternatives to removing the material containing asbestos (e.g. painting or sealing, covering with a non-asbestos product)?
  • Can you comply with the laws and safe procedures for working with asbestos?
  • Should you use a certified asbestos removalist?

Get all the information you need to answer these questions and more.

Workplaces and businesses

Asbestos issues in workplaces and businesses are managed by the Department of Justice and Attorney General (Workplace Health and Safety Queensland).

Resources for workplaces on asbestos management and laws

Local governments

Laws relating to asbestos in non-workplaces commenced on 18 June 2007.

Queensland Health has developed a range of resources to assist local governments administer and enforce these laws.

Last updated: 9 December 2014