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Baby: At Home With My Baby

Bringing your baby/babies home is the beginning of your journey into parenthood. Be kind to yourself and remember babies just need lots of love and cuddles, so keep them close and try and rest when possible. Partners also need plenty of opportunity to cuddle and get to know the new baby. Many fathers feel a little left out, especially if they have to leave you and the baby in hospital and return to an empty home. They may need support and encouragement to get involved, but the more you can both hold your baby, the more confident you'll feel and the more content your baby will be.

Midwife visits in your home

After you go home, your MGP Midwife or a Midwife from the Extended Midwifery Service (EMS) will call and arrange to visit you and your baby at home. The Home Maternity Service bridges the gap between hospital and home, allowing new mothers the comfort of their own home with the security of professional support. EMS offers one-to-one with the Midwife in your own home, providing the education and help you need with feeding and parenting your new baby.

Postnatal Blues

The "postnatal or baby blues" refers to a range of feelings you may experience around the 3rd or 4th day after your baby is born. The "blues" are very common, with more than 80percent of new mothers experiencing them.

These feelings may include being tearful, irritable, mood changes, over tired, anxious and feelings of sadness or loneliness.

These feelings are thought to be caused by a number of factors, including sudden changes in hormone levels after childbirth, breastfeeding hormones, adjustment to parenthood and sleep deprivation.

These feelings should disappear after a few days and no specific treatment is required, apart from recognition, empathy and support from family and friends. However, if these feelings persist for longer than two weeks, you should seek professional help from your GP or Child Health Nurse.

GP visit

You are encouraged to take your baby to the GP for a check-up at 7-10 days after birth and to see the GP for your check-up at 6 - 8 weeks after birth and the baby’s immunisations.

Child health

All babies born at Cairns Hospital will be referred to Community Child Health for ongoing health education and support. There are drop in clinics available at various locations throughout the Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service which are run solely by Child Health Nurses. The midwives will be able to provide you with this information prior to your discharge from hospital.

Further support

At Cairns Hospital, the Midwives work closely with other support services and make referrals when required. For example, GP's, child health, lactation clinics, Australian Breastfeeding Association, social worker, Perinatal Mental Health, Early Years Centre and indigenous services.

Last updated: 19 May 2017