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Birth:General Information

Being familiar with the staff and the location in which you will birth is important. It will assist you to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible while you are here. Cairns Hospital has nine birthing suites, all with individual en-suites, three rooms also have a large bath for you to use for relaxation in labour and/or waterbirth.  We have 24/7 obstetric support and a Level 5 Special Care Nursery.

Where to come

The Maternity Unit is located on the 2nd floor of Block C. Access is via C block lifts between 6am and 8pm. After these hours, access is gained through the Emergency Department, which is located on the Ground Floor of Block C – facing the Esplanade. It is a good idea to know where these entrances are in advance as to avoid any panic when you are in labour. Download or view our location map.

Birth Suite Lounge: This is a very small area for support people to have a short break during a labour. Food and beverages are available at the cafes on the ground floor of the hospital during business hours or from vending machines in various locations around the hospital after hours.

When to come to hospital

Please phone the midwife in Birth Suite 42266318 or your MGP midwife anytime of the day or night, if you are concerned about your pregnancy or if any of the following occurs:

  • Your membranes rupture or there is a constant trickle of fluid
  • Bright bleeding from your vagina
  • Regular painful contractions

What to bring to hospital

For women:    

  • Your choice of comfortable clothing.
  • Footwear - slippers or casual shoes
  • Toiletries - hairbrush, toothbrush and paste, soap
  • Sanitary pads

For baby:        

  • Disposable nappies, baby wipes & baby bath solution.
  • Baby clothes, singlets & bunny rugs

If you decide to bottle feed your baby, you are required to provide the formula, bottles, teats and cleaning equipment of your choice.

REMINDER:  Have a baby capsule fitted into the car in the last weeks of your pregnancy

Birth preferences

Mobile phones and other recording devices

Photography and digital recording of ‘normal’ births in the birth suite is permissible provided it does not conflict with the primary role of the support person. Any request to cease the photography or recording in the interests of providing care to the woman and her baby must be immediately met as patient safety needs and care remain our primary consideration.

Members of the hospital staff should not be photographed or recorded without their specific consent.

Last updated: 19 May 2017