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Cairns Hospital Nursing

Cairns Hospital Nursing, Medical 4, Oncology

Service Profile  | Other Services on 4th Floor

Contact: Ms Danielle Peever, Nurse Unit Manager
Phone:  +61 7 4226 8050
Fax:  +61 7 4226 6913

Medical 4, Oncology is a 23-bed inpatient unit located on the fourth floor of Block B of Cairns Hospital. The unit accommodates four x 4 bed bays and seven single rooms (including two exhaust ventilation rooms).

Medical inpatients consist of oncology, haematology and general medicine.  The Day Oncology Unit is located in E Block which is on the corner of Lake and Digger Streets.  Oncology outpatients can contact Margaret Shearer on 4226 6597 or email on for further information.

A team approach is utilised to deliver patient focused care across the continuum. Staff are comitted to providing a professional environment where quality care provision is of the utmost importance, and participate in implemantion and trial of new ideas to provide a better service.

Procedures performed on the unit currently include: chemotherapy, liver biopsies, abdominal paracentesis, lumbar punctures, and pleural effusion drainage.

The ward also encompasses Medical 4 Clinics. These include:

  • Dermatology Clinic
  • Hep C Liver Clinic
  • Endocrine Clinic
  • Infectious Disease Clinic
  • Gastrology Clinic

These are located at the western end of 4th floor, 'B' Block, Cairns Hospital.

Medical 4 Staff Picture

Service Profile

The service provides specialist general medical and surgical inpatient care, education and discharge planning. The focus of the service is to provide prompt discharge planning and allow for a seamless transition from hospital to home.

The support services which assist us with Discharge Planning are:

  • Community – Hospital Interface Program (nursing) – CHIP
  • Hospital in the Nursing Home – HINM
  • Allied Health – physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work, dental
  • Aged Care Services – ACAT
  • Transition Care
  • Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Education, Rehabilitation and Self Management Team – CAPERS
  • Clinical Pharmacy
  • Criteria led discharge

Bed numbers and capacity

Medical ward 4 has a built capacity of 23 beds. There are 4 bays containing 4 beds each and 7 single rooms.

There are 2 nurses stations located within the ward and a Team Nursing approach is utilised by the staff.

2 of the single rooms meet basic standards for isolation – negative pressure exhausting to the exterior of the building, an ante chamber with handwashing, further handwashing inside the room an ensuited toilet/shower. The remaining 5 single side rooms include ensuites.

On entry to the ward is the Drug Trial Research Unit, a patient kitchen, Nurse Unit Manager Office, Staff workroom, storage room, dirty utility room and another storeroom and a staff room which overlooks rhe Esplanade and Tropical Islands.

Map of Medical Ward 4  (PDF, 229 KB)

Electronic Systems Supporting the Service

The following systems are in place and utilised by nursing personal to support clinical and managerial services:

  • TREND – patient-nurse dependency system
  • GROUPWISE - email
  • AUSLAB - pathology reporting system
  • NOVELL -  for select applications
  • PRIME – clinical incident reporting
  • ESP – Electronic Scheduling of Personnel – Roster & reporting
  • FAMMIS – Purchasing system
  • DSS – Decision Support System

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Other Services on 4th Floor 'B' Block

Clinical Drug Research

The Clinical Drug Research Unit is situated on the 4th floor “B” Block, just through the doors to the ward. We conduct a variety of phase 2, 3 and 4 clinical trials in different specialties, conducted on inpatient and outpatient subjects. The investigators are: Professor John McBride, Associate Professor Richard Turner, Dr Enzo Binotto, Dr Graham Simpson, Dr Stephen Vincent, Dr Sean Newell and Dr Prasad Challa.

Phone: +61 7 4226  8085  Fax: +61 7 4226 8981


The dermatology service runs daily outpatient clinics in general dermatology (every aspect of skin disease). There are also specialist clinics in acne, allergy patch testing and skin cancer. The Med4 nurses, in conjunction with the dermatologist, Leith Banney, run phototherapy services for psoriasis and other skin conditions. The service has both a whole body narrowband UVB cabinet (mainly for the treatment of psoriasis) and a hand and foot unit (for hand and foot eczema and psoriasis). As well as this, several of the nurses have trained in photodynamic therapy treatment for skin cancers. These treatments are carried out weekly and we can treat superficial skin cancers in this way, avoiding surgery for many of our patients. Although we don’t have many dermatology inpatients, we co-ordinate IV treatment for psoriasis using new “biological” therapies via the minor procedure unit.

Phone: +61 7 4226  6669  Fax: +61 7 4226 8981


The Endoscopy Unit caters for the following diagnostic and interventional gastroenterological  procedures:

  • Gastroscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-pancreatography (ERCP)

Phone: +61 7 4226  6564  Fax: +61 7 4226 6569

Liver Clinic

The liver clinic is a part of General Medical OPD located on the 4th floor of B Block.
The clinic was instigated by the development of the Hepatitis C Shared Initiative by the Queensland government and commenced in August 2006.

Its function is to deliver information, education, support and treatment to those folk who are infected by Hepatitis C or B as well as supporting their health care providers.
A regular outreach service is provided to Lotus Glen Correctional Centre, Cooktown, Innisfail, Mossman and as part of the medical outreach team that visits Weipa, Bamaga and Thursday Island. This enables people who are in remote areas regular access to our service.

Phone: +61 7 4226  6669  Fax: +61 7 4226 8981

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Last updated: 1 August 2013

A cancer diagnosis during the adolescent and young adult years can be highly challenging for young people and their families. Being a young adult is not easy at the best of times – finances, work, study, sexuality, independence, peers…… you name it, it’s all happening!

The Queensland Youth Cancer Services works in partnership with 15-25-year-olds and the cancer specialists in their hospital to ensure all aspects of their health and wellbeing are considered during treatment and beyond.

Visit the Queensland Youth Cancer Service for more information.