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Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service

Telehealth – A Part of Everyday Rural Life”

Telehealth is a way of talking to and seeing health professionals, from all around Queensland, without the need to Travel too far from home.

The Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service embrace Telehealth Initiatives and aim to lead the way to offer a safe and equitable Telehealth service to patients living in rural and remote locations within Far North Queensland.

In partnership with the Torres and Cape Health Service, we are able to offer speciality services to patients to achieve best outcomes and support patients and staff impacted by distance.

CHHHS currently provide a number of Outpatient Telehealth Services to patients in Far North Queensland such as:

  • Renal, Transplant and Pharmacy reviews
  • Oncology/Chemotherapy Services
  • Tertiary Level High Risk Pregnancy Ultrasound consults with Mater Hospital in Brisbane
  • Haematology Services
  • Diabetes Services including High Risk Foot speciality consultations
  • Dietetics provided by Health Professionals located in Cairns, Atherton and Mareeba
  • Older Persons Health Services
  • Paediatric Outreach Services
  • Multiple Allied Health Services
  • Sign Language telehealth services
  • Mental Health After Hours Emergency Services
  • RSQ Emergency monitoring and support
  • With a strong focus on continual expansion and inclusion of more services daily.

In the very near future Telehealth “Inpatient” Services will be online, with the implementation of a trial to commence in Feb 2015 between Cairns and Mareeba.  This will involve the use of an IPAD positioned next to the individual patients bedside and able to be navigated around the Ward.

To book a telelhealth appointment contact your local health service

Last updated: 15 January 2015

Useful information

Telehealth Support Unit

Blueprint for better healthcare in Queensland (PDF, 5.35MB)

Telehealth booking information
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