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Consumer Engagement

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Consumer Engagement

Our Consumers

Consumers are people who use, or are potential users of health services; including their family and carers. Consumers may participate as individuals, groups, representatives of organisations, consumer representatives or communities.

Our community includes 12,400 residents, and a large number of tourists who visit the outback in the winter months. Whilst our numbers are small, our challenge is to deliver services across a land area covering 22 per cent of Queensland. We are constantly working to reduce health inequality for people living in the bush and to sustain quality health services in remote Queensland.

Many of Central West Health’s consumers not only live remotely, they come from different cultures. Eight per cent of our community identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, and almost six per cent of residents were born overseas, with nearly one in five of those born overseas speaking English as a second language. Embracing this cultural diversity means addressing a number of challenges including health literacy and ensuring every member of our community feels welcome, culturally safe and respected
at our facilities.

Why Consumer Engagement is Important

By engaging with consumers across Central West Health we will listen, understand and adapt, to provide better quality healthcare now and in the future.

With consumers being involved and having their say, it ensures our services are more effective, accessible, relevant and reflective of the community’s needs. This includes respecting and embracing different perspectives, traditions and beliefs, building the capacity for consumers to take part in engagement activities, and providing the ongoing opportunity to feed back on their experiences with us.

With a shared purpose, we work closely with consumers to deliver on the Central West Health vision — excellence in healthcare for remote

Our Consumer Engagement Roadmap

Last updated: 4 March 2020