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Vision and Mission - Centre for Functioning and Health Research, Queensland Health

Vision and Mission


To be a leader in collaborative health research that reaches across the health care continuum and delivers innovative changes in practice.



CFAHR is a unique allied health research centre driven by teams of dedicated researchers and practicing clinicians with opportunities for;

  • Research that reaches across the health care continuum
  • Research that links  different professions and university partners around common interdisciplinary health issues
  • Education that builds the capacity of a new generation of highly skilled, transdisciplinary health researchers
  • Practice change that impacts on health services in measurable and timely ways.


Research: Utilise the expertise of health practitioners from multiple disciplines to develop research agendum which enhance health service delivery throughout each person's journey from critical care to maximising life participation

  • Transdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and Interprofessional research
  • Multi-site research
  • Research collaboratives and networks
  • Research based on a common language and framework of functioning, disability and health

Education: Develop and expand research capacity of the health practitioner workforce to effectively engage in research

  • More health practitioners engaged in research
  • Research education and training
  • Support structures for research including mentoring and supervision
  • Increased funds for research

Practice: Develop and translate research knowledge into service improvement and quality patient care which influences the future of health care delivery

  • policy relevant research
  • evidence translated into practice

Last updated: 15 July 2014