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Our purpose

The Queensland Clinical Senate represents clinicians from across the health system and provides strategic advice and leadership on system-wide issues affecting quality, affordable and efficient patient care within the health system in Queensland. We are about connecting clinicians to improve care.

We share our collective knowledge to consider strategic clinical issues and make recommendations to Queensland Health about how to deliver the best care to Queenslanders.

We provide a structured forum for clinician and stakeholder consultation and communication on matters of strategic importance. We discuss, consult, examine the evidence, consider and formulate practical innovative recommendations in the context of clinical and operational best practice.

We provide clinical leadership by developing strategies to safeguard and promote the delivery of high quality, safe and sustainable patient care.

About us

The Queensland Clinical Senate was established by Queensland Health in November 2008. We are funded by the Queensland Department of Health and sponsored by the Deputy Director-General of the Health Service and Clinical Innovation Division. Key facts include:

  • Membership - up to 80 multidisciplinary clinicians, led by an Executive team and selected via a statewide formal application process
  • Meetings - held two to three times each year
  • Publications - Connecting Newsletter and Reports on key initiatives

Read our terms of reference (PDF, 102KB)

Our vision

Clinicians actively contribute to decision making around the delivery of quality health services through all levels of the health system in Queensland.

Our purpose

Represent clinicians in providing strategic advice and leadership on system-wide issues affecting quality, affordable and efficient patient care.

Our guiding principles

  • Value consumer perspectives and focus on quality patient outcome and experiences
  • Connect clinicians across the health system in Queensland
  • Represent clinicians from all disciplines
  • Provide leadership to achieve health reform
  • Encourage and support stakeholders to empower clinicians to be actively involved in decision making
  • Provide constructive advice that is timely, inclusive, evidence-based and aligned with the health reform agenda

Our objectives

  • Build effective relationships with relevant stakeholder groups
  • Champion innovation and health reform
  • Establish a positive profile for the Queensland Clinical Senate amongst clinicians in Queensland
  • Establish the reputation of the Queensland Clinical Senate as a trusted and valued source of advice

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Last updated: 10 September 2014

Activity report

The Activity report provides a summary of key Queensland Clinical Senate activities achieved in 2015-16.

Read our Activity report 2015-16 (PDF 1129 kB)

QCS focus 2017-2020

Queensland Clinical Senate focus is a key planning document to guide future Senate activity.

Read more about our focus for 2017-2020 (PDF 187 kB).