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Treatment and care

The Act promotes voluntary treatment wherever possible and seeks to minimise the use and duration of involuntary treatment to ensure that the treatment is provided in the least restrictive manner possible.

Clinicians must have regard to a person’s safety and welfare, and the safety of others.

Wherever possible treatment and care should be provided to a person in the community, preferably at home.

Treatment and care of people under the Act must be achieved in a way which:

  • safeguards a person’s rights
  • is least restrictive of the person’s rights and liberties, and
  • promotes the recovery of the person.

Individuals and their family, carers and support persons should be actively engaged in the development and planning of the person’s treatment and care and are entitled to be provided with information. See Patient Rights and Support for information about your involvement in your own or someone else’s mental health care.

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Last updated: 26 August 2022