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Vaccine protocols and management templates

Vaccine protocol

These Protocol documents have been developed by Queensland Health for all Queensland Health employees and contractors providing vaccination services in relation to the provision of the Queensland Covid-19 Vaccination program.

Vaccine Management Protocol Templates

The Vaccine Management Protocol Templates are designed to assist sites in developing a vaccine management protocol for each COVID-19 vaccine.  The template is based on the Strive for 5 recommendations and outlines the management of the COVID-19 vaccines to ensure appropriate storage conditions and integrity of the vaccine. Appendix 1 of these documents describe how to correctly pack a cooler for transport and temperature monitoring requirements.

Pre-Vaccination Screening Questions

The Pre-Vaccination Screening Questions form and the Additional and Temporary Pre-Vaccination Screening Questions form are to be completed by a person booked to receive a vaccination or by a person assisting them. These questions are to be completed on arrival at the clinic to assess if the vaccination should proceed on the day.

If any of the questions in the completed form indicate yes, a relevant health worker is to review and determine if the vaccination should proceed. A pre-vaccination screening guide is also available below as a supporting guide.


Consent is to be completed by the person booked to have a vaccination or their substitute decision maker either prior to attending or at the clinic. The patient information sheet is to be provided with the consent form to assist the person in making an informed decision.

Vaccination downtime forms

The following forms are to be used during ICT/QCVMS downtime . These forms align with QCVMS Information System. Please note that in the event of true downtime from QCMVS, Providers must ensure they have robust processes in place including; ensuring site staff are familiar with downtime procedures and requirements and having readily available documents on site. The decision to move into an unplanned or unanticipated downtime scenario must be made in conjunction with the HHS Lead (or their delegate), and sites should notify their Digital/QCVMS Lead and the VCC as soon as practical.

All downtime forms remain the responsibility of the Provider and should be transcribed back into QCVMS ideally before midnight on the same day. If same day data entry is not possible, sites need to ensure the data is captured via normal downtime procedures and within 5 days after vaccination so that any data errors can be remediated within the 10 day legislated deadline to upload records to AIR.

These forms are to be completed by healthcare worker assessing the person to be vaccinated, administering the vaccination and/or monitoring the vaccinated person (all three roles may be the same healthcare worker). Not all fields are required to be completed or entered into the QCVMS. Mandatory fields are denoted with a *.

Last updated: 6 January 2022