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Improving care at the end of life in Queensland

The Statewide strategy for end-of-life care 2015 (PDF 640KB) (Strategy) is intended to integrate care at the end of life as a core element of health services in Queensland and was launched by the Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services in May 2015.

Service directions

The Strategy's overarching service directions are:

  1. Knowledge – knowledge of care at the end of life throughout Queensland public health organisations is expanded and includes awareness of the benefits of advance care planning, the delivery of care at the end of life and the availability of supporting services and resources. Targeted groups include the general public, health professionals and health system managers.
  2. Access – patients who have or are anticipated to have a shortened life expectancy are routinel
  3. y identified as early as possible and have access to timely advance care planning and appropriate care at the end of their life.
  4. Quality and Safety – care at the end of life delivered in Queensland public services consistently responds to the needs of patients throughout their illnesses and meets established clinical safety and quality standards.
  5. Provision – the strategic capability and configuration of services for care at the end of life in Queensland is strengthened to maximise their delivery and performance, to ensure the Queensland population has access to appropriate services into the future and to ensure available resources are used effectively.

Care at the end of life project

The Care at the End of Life project team has been established to support a coordinated approach to implementing the Strategy across Queensland. Queensland Health's Clinical Excellence Queensland coordinates the implementation of the project, in collaboration with each Hospital and Health Service.

The project is governed by an Executive Governance Committee and supported by a Statewide Reference Group. Members of the Reference Group have been drawn from across the health sector, including:

  • statewide clinical networks
  • consumers
  • primary health networks
  • Queensland Ambulance Service
  • general practice
  • aged care
  • health law experts
  • academia
  • rural and remote health
  • spiritual care.

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Last updated: 3 August 2016