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CPCRE - Research Activities

Prof Patsy Yates, A/Director, CPCRE


McCarthy A, Salkield G, Yates P, Walpole E, Thomson, D.  (2009).  Evaluation of a standardised two-step process of pre-screening and comprehensive assessment of the older cancer patient with solid malignancy.  Metro South Division of Cancer Services (Queensland Health) $107,280.

Aoun S, Eagar K, Currow D, Yates P (2009). Time spent in an unstable palliative care phase: Factors affecting the variability between services in Western Australia.WA Cancer and Palliative Care Network Research and Evaluation Unit Small Grant Scheme.


McCarthy A, Brunelli V, Yates P, Winch S, Shaban R, Clavarino A (2008). Health promotion and risk-reduction behaviours of younger female survivors of breast and haematological cancers. Queensland Nursing Council ($24,925).


Recoche K, O’Connor M, Yates P, Prior D, Service M, Lord B, FitzGerald G (2008).Expectations and barriers in the ambulance service and palliative care interface. National Health and Medical Research Council ($49,916).

Girgis A, Currow D, Kristjanson L, Tattersall M, Kelly B, Mitchell G, Yates P. National Palliative Care Referral Guidelines.

Yates P , Hardy J,
Clavarino A, Fong K, Mitchell G, Skerman H. Evaluating novel methods for delivering non-pharmacological interventions for dyspnoea in patients with lung cancer.

Eagar K, Currow D, Kristjanson L, Yates P.  Palliative Care Outcomes Collaboration.

Anderson D, Yates P, Byrne N, Jones J, Barr J. Developing a novel method for delivering a behavioural intervention for decreasing morbidity in women with a chronic disease: a randomised controlled trial.

Yates P, Aranda S, Clavarino A, Miaskowski C, Beadle G, Skerman H. A prospective longitudinal study of symptom clusters and their effects on physical and psychological functioning of patients with metastatic cancer



Prof Janet Hardy, Clinical Research Program Leader

Hardy J , Douglas C, White C. The efficacy of haloperidol in the management of nausea and vomiting in patients with advanced cancer. (Mater Project 145) JP Kelly Mater Research Fund, $15,000.

Hardy J.  A randomised, double-blind, active-controlled, double-dummy, parallel group study to determine the safety and efficacy of oxycodone/naloxone prolonged release tablets in subjects with moderate to severe, chronic cancer pain. (Mater Project 1550).


Hardy J, Currow D, Sanderson C, Cherry D, Gourlay G, Plummer J, Fazekas B.  A double-blind dose ranging study to determine the optimal dose of oral morphine or oxycodone needed to treat breakthrough pain for people on regular opioids in the palliative care setting. (Mater Project 220) Mater Foundation Palliative Care, $10,000. 

Hardy J , Nordoey T, Norris R.  A double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over study of the effect of corticosteroids on sleep quality – a pilot study in patients with advanced cancer. JP Kelly Research Fund 2007, $12,453.

Hardy J , Currow D, Fazekas B, Shelby-Jones T, Ashby M et al.  A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of subcutaneous ketamine in the management of cancer pain.  DOHA, $609,642. (Palliative Care Clinical Studies Collaborative).

Mitchell G, Hardy J, Vora R.  Using single patient trials to determine the effectiveness of psychostimulants in fatigue in advanced cancer patients. (New Mater Project).

Hardy J , White C, Gilshenan K.  A cross-sectional, consecutive patient survey of the views of cancer patients and their relatives/carers towards randomised controlled trials in palliative care. Unfunded.

Hardy J, White C, Gilshenan K. A survey of the views of palliative care healthcare professionals towards referring cancer patients to participate in randomised controlled trials in palliative care.




Queensland Palliative Care Research Group. Barriers to a Good Death.


Prior D, Haberecht J, Podger M, Driver K, Prentice L, Mannion S.  Quality of life issues experienced by patients with advanced heart failure and their family, living at home.


Last updated: 25 September 2013