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Baby-cam keeps mums in the loop

1 June 2019

Rockhampton Hospital’s Special Care Nursery is keeping new families together thanks to a special “baby-cam”.

Clinical Nurse Consultant Maxine Ballinger says the tiny patients of the Special Care Nursery are kept isolated to ensure their tiny bodies are protected from community illnesses.

“We need to limit the number of visitors who can come into the nursery but it’s still very important for families to see their little bundles,” she said.

A web-cam is set up to show live footage of the baby, which can be seen in another room using an iPad.

New mother Courtney Griese was very grateful for the service following her emergency caesarean. Little Riley was born at 33 weeks and was whisked off to Special Care Nursery.

“I had medical issues and had to stay in another room so I couldn’t go and see him,” Courtney said. “It was very hard. My partner was in the nursery the whole time and told me he was doing well, but it makes such a difference when you can see him yourself.”

Then family members visited and were happy to be able to see Riley for themselves on the screen.

“Everyone’s itching to meet him,” Courtney said, “It really did make a big difference.”

Baby-cam in use in the Rockhampton Hospital Special Care Nursery

Last updated: 27 June 2019

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