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Health Board chair walks the walk in lifestyle challenge

2 October 2018

There’s time for one last push to get Central Queensland over the line to beat Mackay in its healthy lifestyle challenge.

CQ Hospital and Health Board Chair Paul Bell has certainly walked the walk for CQ – clocking up more than a million steps and shedding 18kg since the challenge was launched in June.

He weighed in at 108kg on June 18, and this week was at 90.6kg, aiming to hit his target of 90kg by Friday, October 5 – the challenge finish date.

The challenge aimed to create healthier habits to address the issues of chronic illness caused by obesity and poor lifestyle choices.

Cr Bell says he’s proud of his personal achievement.

“It’s no good telling people it’s what you should do and not do it yourself. I’ve been able to achieve what I’ve been preaching and what we as a Health Board have been preaching, and that’s to change the way we treat ourselves and to address those things that are completely controllable,” he said.

“We don’t have to be the region with the highest percentage of obese people. We can turn that around if we set our minds to it.”

Cr Bell said the key to his success had been food. He was told early that weight loss is 70% about food and 30% exercise.

He’s reduced his plate size and cut out fast fatty food.

“Now if I have a pork chop or steak I cut off all the fat,” Cr Bell said. “Just in the past few months it’s changed my attitude towards staying healthy and if I can continue those habits I’ll be able to maintain what I’ve done.

“I feel bloody wonderful. When I walk now I hop around and leap over gutters and do things I never could before.

“I enjoy getting into a little bit of exercise. I haven’t done anything complicated, but if I don’t do a walk or 30 minutes on the spin bike I miss it.

“Things have changed. I really enjoy chasing the grandkids around and being able to keep up with them.

“One of the best things is I’ve had to get a whole lot of new clothes because I’ve dropped two sizes.”

He’s now looking at a few treks with wife Ruth next year through Central Australia. “Now we have the fitness and ability to enjoy all of the things the world offers.”

This morning (3 October) Mackay was in the lead in the close race, with 160.1kg of weight loss, 129.9cm of waist girth loss, and 155,565,184 steps; vs Central Queensland on 150.9kg of weight loss, 156.8cm of waist girth loss and 97,272,821 steps.

Cr Bell urged all Central Queenslanders in the challenge to go to to update their step logs before Friday.

Paul Bell

Paul Bell

Last updated: 4 October 2018

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