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Participants the winners in lifestyle challenge

11 October 2018

Mackay may have won the healthy lifestyle challenge, but the real winners were the participants who changed their lifestyle and improved their health.

CQ Health Chief Executive Steve Williamson said the challenge was always about getting the message across that you can improve your health, and life expectancy, one small change at a time.

Almost 800 participants racked up more than 280 million steps during the 16-week campaign, which translates into 225,000 kilometres or 5.5 times around the earth.

Combined, participants also lost 400kg and almost 270cm in girth.

“The challenge was a great success and partnering with the CQUni’s 10,000 Steps team helped us record the great results,” Mr Williamson said.

“CQ Health is committed to closing the health gap of Central Queenslanders and improving our life expectancy by at least two years so we are on par with the average Queenslander.

“We will continue to promote healthy lifestyles through our 10,000 Lives campaign. Our quit smoking initiative has delivered great results with more than double the number of Central Queenslanders registering with Quitline since we announced the initiative.”

CQ Health will host its second smoking summit in Rockhampton on 1 November 2018 where successes, initiatives and future programs will be discussed by health and community experts from across Queensland.

“The healthy lifestyle competition was the first of many targeting weight and physical activity and we are looking at ways to expand our 10,000 Lives program into alcohol consumption and other health improvements,” Mr Williamson said.

“If we can show Central Queenslanders that by making small changes we can improve life expectancy and the quality of life I believe we will make a huge difference.”

Mr Williamson congratulated Mackay Hospital and Health Service, and the Mackay community, on the success, and said a return challenge was being formulated.

“In the meantime, I encourage everyone to start or continue their own health initiative – join a walking group, reduce the unhealthy food, park a little further away from where you are going so you have to walk further or any other small change you can make in your life.”

Last updated: 11 October 2018

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