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Tooth decay puts CQ kids in hospital

15 November 2018

Almost 300 children are hospitalised every year in Central Queensland because of tooth decay.

The health of Queenslanders 2018 – Report of the Chief Health Officer Queensland shows 285 children need hospital treatment every year for tooth decay.

CQ Oral Health Principal Oral Health Therapist Dianne Degney says the best way to protect our children’s teeth from decay would be fluoridation of Central Queensland’s drinking water, but because this isn’t provided it is absolutely vital children have regular dental check-ups to avoid serious infections.

“Left undetected children can get severe decay which can lead to a major infection that spreads through the body and requires hospital admission,” she said.

CQ Health offers treatments to 186 schools in the region. All children from the age of 4 years to the end of year 10 in a Queensland school are eligible for free dental treatment.

Children of Health Care Card holders and those who qualify for the Child Dental Benefit Scheme are also eligible.

To find your nearest school dental clinic, call 49207900.

Ms Degney’s top tips to avoid tooth decay in children are:

  • Get regular check-ups
  • Brush your teeth twice a day (supervise children up to 10 years)
  • Use age-appropriate toothpaste
  • Avoid foods and drinks with sugar
Last updated: 16 November 2018

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