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A digital revolution

Connecting care and transforming through technology

Digital revolution will underpin every aspect of our vision, strategy and the objectives that will shape our services through to 2030.

Digital Connectivity

We will deliver connected digital healthcare within the health service by expanding and transforming the use of information and communication technologies for health service delivery to our consumers. In addition, we aim to provide digital connectivity to our service partners including General Practitioners, ambulance service, and private hospitals to support seamless care for our consumers.   Our services will be accessible electronically to our consumers, patients and our staff across Central Queensland. This Digital Connectivity will also provide a suitable platform for supporting research, digital education and monitoring public health.

Digital Interruption

Digital interruption will provide transformation opportunities to evaluate and reshape the current service delivery through the pursuit of new and innovative healthcare models. Digital interruption will be the enabler to move to a customer centric model, where the consumer is at the centre of service design and service delivery. In doing so, digital interruption will be one of the core enablers to our overarching vision – Great Care for Central Queenslanders.

Digital Security

The seamless interconnectivity between our digital strategy and of Queensland Health’s Digital Strategic Vision for 2026 enables full integration of Queensland Health’s Digital Security platform for data protection. This will provide greater capability to govern, manage and secure our information, as the Digital Security platform provides an even greater focus on cyber security across our devices, staff and partners.

Our digital strategy will include:

  • digital real-time access to clinical information anywhere across our health service
  • digital real-time access to clinical appointments closer to home through significantly expanded services including Telehealth
  • integrated, seamless healthcare with the ‘GP viewer’ enabling shared access to patient records
  • digital real-time discharge letters to General Practitioners and other health partners with immediate electronic information following hospital discharge
  • improved digital literacy of our staff, partners and consumers to enable maximum benefit
  • enhanced digital security solution consistent with the relevant State and Federal cyber security protocols
  • a digital change management process including process redesign.

A new world across Central Queensland

This digital revolution over the next decade will touch most aspects of our services, such as:

Healthcare providers

Secure real-time comprehensive patient information to healthcare providers within the Health Service including clinical network and regional specialists, to enable timely diagnosis and treatment options. Further, a digitally enabled and integrated system will facilitate timely and accurate clinical decision-making resulting in improved quality of care.

Healthcare Consumers

A complete picture of health information will be available to consumers and healthcare providers including treatment and care even through services such as Telehealth and Hospital in the Home.


A modern, IT enabled workplace with systems and digital access designed to assist with the provision of safe and timely decision making and the provision of quality care.

Our staff and other users

A digitally enabled and vertically integrated health system will provide timely and accessible information for improved decision making and service planning.

Last updated: 2 November 2017