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Great Partnerships

Working collaboratively with our partners to deliver great care and improve the health of Central Queenslanders

  • Transform CQ Health through an integrated model of care across Central Queensland.
  • Collaborate with the Primary Health Network and our wider health partners to deliver the seamless care our communities want.
  • Build excellent partnerships with learning organisations to support our great care, great people, great place to work, and our learning and research objectives.
  • Improve the health of Central Queenslanders in partnership with our communities, education, health, councils, employers and other partners.
  • Engage with those we provide with care, and their families, to include their voice in all decision about their care, how it is designed and how it is delivered.
  • Develop robust and trusting partnership with staff to continuously improve the delivery of innovative and contemporary services that are reactive to change.
  • Develop and enhance our strategic partnership with Defence Forces using the Shoalwater Bay area to enhance health provision to defence forces, provide programs to enhance health skills, and broader health and defence partnership opportunities.

By 2030

  • CQ Health working with our partners to deliver great care and improve the health of Central Queenslanders.
  • 10,000 lives program to reduce smoking prevalence completed with partner support leading to one of the lowest smoking rates in the State and ultimately 10,000 fewer smoking related deaths in our region.
  • Obesity, diabetes, alcohol, mental wellbeing and wider health and wellbeing strategies developed with partners and embedded across our region, reducing the significant health impacts of these risk factors across Central Queensland.
  • Great partnerships with our health, education, Primary Health Network, community, research and other partners supporting our reputation for great research, great learning and education, and  delivering seamless, integrated, great care to Central Queensland.
  • Closed the gap in life expectancy for Indigenous communities.
Last updated: 26 July 2019