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Great People, Great Place to Work

Great staff working in great teams with a culture of supporting and investing in our people’s future

  • Strengthen our highly skilled, high performing workforce through innovative leadership and capability development programs, to deliver quality patient-centered care for our communities.
  • Embrace a great workplace culture that attracts great people, built on our core values of Care, Integrity, Respect and Commitment, and where people are proud of their health service.
  • Design an integrated workforce working in interdisciplinary teams led by stable and transformational leadership.
  • Create a workforce reflective of the great diversity of Central Queensland communities supporting the range of services that we provide.
  • Recognise and empower a stable, flexible, engaged and rewarded workforce to achieve greatness.
  • Promote and deliver safe and healthy workplaces that put the wellness of our people first.

By 2030

  • CQ Health has a strong and vibrant workforce that reflects the great diversity of its communities and residents.
  • Our Great People, Great Place to Work strategy is widely recognised for delivering one of the best recruitment and retention rates for all regional and rural health services across Australia.
  • Flexible and adaptable workforce models and innovative job designs are in place to support best-practice interdisciplinary service delivery models in rural and remote areas.
  • Contemporary integrated workforce systems are in place and are driving dynamic connected planning.
  • Comprehensive and relevant workforce data continues to be easily accessible to support informed decision-making across the workforce continuum and maps to, and benchmarks against, other industry workforce exemplars.
  • Empowered staff across CQ Health, working in great teams, with a common supportive and friendly culture are engaged in every one of our services.
  • Quality and technology supported communication systems are in place with highly visible leadership continuously celebrating success and identifying, promoting and delivering continuous improvement.
  • We are nationally recognised for investing in and developing our people for the future.
  • One of the best places for health staff to work in Australia.
  • We provide one of the best staff experiences for health services across Australia, with staff seeking to work in and stay at CQ Health because of this reputation.
  • Strong formal partnerships and linkages with unions, colleges and universities and local, national and international workforce experts ensure we continue to be at the leading edge of contemporary workforce design and planning.
Last updated: 26 July 2019