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Our vision: Great Care for Central Queenslanders

Our Destination 2030: Great Care for Central Queenslanders strategy will shape the future of healthcare across our region, and support our aim for Central Queenslanders to be amongst the healthiest in the world.

By 2030, all our clinical, service and performance information will be digital with real-time access to information to improve the care we deliver to Central Queenslanders. Wherever possible, we will digitally connect to our General Practitioners and other health partners to provide seamless care to our patients and consumers.

Our services will be designed and delivered around the needs of our community. Fewer patients will need to travel out of Central Queensland as we develop high quality specialist services at our regional hospital in Rockhampton to help bridge the 1200km gap in tertiary health services that stretches from the Sunshine Coast to Townsville.

We will deliver more care locally using technology to expand Telehealth and other methods to connect patients with clinicians and a regional clinical network approach. We will provide great care everywhere we deliver it.

Central Queensland services will be welcoming and culturally safe, reflecting our diverse communities.

CQ Health will be the best place in Queensland for health staff to work and our consumer experience will be amongst the best in the country. In partnership with our regional universities we will excel in clinical research which will  be rapidly translated into better clinical care and outcomes for our patients. We will provide one of the best contemporary learning and development environments for health staff. Our partnerships across Central Queensland will help us improve life expectancy for Central Queenslanders and tackle the significant health challenges facing our communities now.

Our vision 

Great care for Central Queenslanders

Our Mission

Great people, delivering quality care and improving health

Our Values

Our organisational values will create a workforce culture of engagement, motivation and fulfil potential to deliver our key objectives. Our values will influence every interaction and every decision.

Care: We are attentive to individual needs and circumstance

Integrity: We are consistently true, act diligently and lead by example

Respect: We will behave with courtesy, dignity and fairness in all we do

Commitment: We will always do the best we can all of the time

Our key objectives

Five key objectives have been developed to guide the first five years of Destination 2030 and drive the improvement that will deliver Great Care for Central Queenslanders, improve the health and wellbeing of our communities and make Central Queenslanders amongst the healthiest in the world.

  • Great Care, Great Experience
  • Great People, Great Place to Work
  • Great Learning and Research
  • Great Partnerships
  • Sustainable Future

The first two objectives - ‘Great Care, Great Experience’, and ‘Great People’, Great Place to Work’ - will shape everything we do.

Read more about our key objectives

Last updated: 3 November 2017