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Rockhampton Hospital

Rockhampton Hospital – the regional centre of clinical excellence

We will develop Rockhampton Hospital as a regional centre of excellence. Our services will be planned, delivered and evaluated with our patients at the centre of everything we do. Providing important specialist services across Central Queensland and the wider mid Queensland area, we will ensure our services are safe and appropriate to meet our community’s needs.

Using an integrated hub and spoke model of care Rockhampton Hospital will increasingly work in partnership with other Central Queensland hospitals, specialist hospital services in Brisbane and community and primary care services to increase capacity, expertise and capability across CQ Health to improve local access as we deliver more care closer to home.

Rockhampton Hospital will build a reputation for great teaching and learning opportunities. We will deliver world class multi-disciplinary training programs that will support our staff to deliver the best care possible.  We will partner with institutions locally, nationally and internationally to build a culture of innovation and quality improvement, strengthened by our own research and clinical trials.

In addition to providing a full range of hospital services for the Rockhampton region, including Yeppoon and Mt Morgan, in collaboration with our tertiary partners in Brisbane, we will further develop our specialist services to include:

  • Cancer Centre
    We will build on our exceptional new cancer centre and develop a regional centre of expertise for a wider range of oncology, haematology, interventional radiology and specialist palliative care services, including specialist community based hospice services.
  • Surgical and Trauma Centre
    We will develop our trauma expertise to provide a regional trauma centre in Central Queensland. We will expand and develop our orthopaedic, urology, general surgery, ear nose and throat, gastrointestinal and ophthalmology services to improve access across Central Queensland.
  • Cardiovascular and Respiratory Centre
    We will invest in regional cardiovascular and respiratory centre delivering expertise in diagnostic and interventional cardiology, vascular surgery and interventional radiology and addressing the legacy of smoking related diseased and other respiratory issues for Central Queenslanders.
  • Family, Women’s and Children’s Centre
    We will grow our partnerships with private hospitals, General Practitioners and specialist hospital services in Brisbane to develop an expanded range of family, women’s and children’s services across a broad range of services, including children’s cardiac, cancer and surgical services.

This will significantly reduce the need for our patients to travel away from the support of their family and community to receive treatment, as well as providing quicker access to urgent and important health care.

Access to specialist care closer to home is an important factor in all healthcare outcomes but is particularly crucial in Indigenous communities and for rural and remote locations. By building the capacity of Rockhampton Hospital to provide increased regional specialist care across Central Queensland, we will transform access, improve outcomes, and start to close the health gap for our Indigenous and rural communities across Central Queensland.

As the regional specialist hub for CQ Health, Rockhampton Hospital will provide specialists to support Gladstone, Emerald and Biloela hospitals with an integrated hub and spoke model of clinical service delivery. This will be further developed with specialist clinical teams at Rockhampton Hospital, increasingly supporting our local hospitals in the areas of renal, maternity, emergency care, day surgery and many other services.

Last updated: 26 July 2019