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We are pleased to set out Destination 2030 - our long-term strategy to deliver Great Care for Central Queenslanders; to improve the health of Central Queenslanders; and to shape the future of hospital and healthcare across our region.

This strategy recognises that great care and experiences for our geographically and socially diverse community will be achieved through the provision of great people and a great place to work; and a commitment to the structured, well-planned investment in the development of facilities, infrastructure, services, innovative practice, technology, training and development, and research.

Our vision will deliver seamless digital information access across facilities and partners in service delivery, allowing access anywhere and any time to clinical information to improve the care we deliver. This digital transformation will deliver radical improvements in care and support the use of technology to overcome the distance between patient and clinician. We will have a truly integrated health service that meets community needs, saves lives, extends lives and improves the quality of life for those who require care.

With the support of partnerships, we will educate and motivate the community to make better lifestyle choices in an effort to enhance the health and wellbeing of our community. Smoking, obesity, alcohol consumption, skin cancer and inactivity will be the key focuses of our attention; as will closing the gap in the health disparities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Each of our facilities has a vital role in our future effectiveness. We will deliver expert care close to home by investing in an extensive range of specialist services at Rockhampton Hospital for all Central Queenslanders;
deliver comprehensive general hospital services at Gladstone Hospital for Gladstone and Banana communities; deliver a broader range of services from Biloela and Emerald hospitals to reduce the need for travel from those communities. Our smaller hospitals and multi-purpose health services will be pivotal to provide the face-to-face and digital access to quality, timely and local care.

Innovation, technology, research and investment will deliver excellent outcomes for our patients needing care or support from our community health and out-of-hospital services, such as mental health, oral health and aged care. Advances will allow safe and effective monitoring and care delivery in the home or in their community close to home and link patients with their families.

We will achieve our vision with the support of our greatest asset - our staff. They are passionate, committed and determined to do everything they can to provide great care. We will support, develop and encourage our staff, create a great culture and reputation, and deliver a great place to work.

By 2030 our ambition - driven by our vision of Great Care for Central Queenslanders - is for Central Queenslanders to be amongst the healthiest in Australia, and for our health services to be amongst the best in the country.

Last updated: 2 November 2017