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Disclosure log

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Disclosure log

A disclosure log enables information disclosed to an applicant under the Right to Information Act 2009 - Queensland Legislation (the RTI Act) available to a wider public audience. The RTI Act does not authorise publication of documents that contain the applicant's personal information. Therefore, where a RTI application contains personal information of the applicant, it will not appear on the disclosure log.

Information will be deleted from documents published on the disclosure log where:

  • The publication of the information is prevented by law; or
  • The information may be defamatory; or
  • The information would, if included in a disclosure log, unreasonably invade an individual's privacy or cause substantial harm to an entity; or
  • The information is of a confidential nature communicated in confidence or protected from disclosure under a contract; or would allow such to be ascertained.

Where a RTI application has been made, and the original applicant has failed to access the documents and pay the access charges, the documents will not be published on the disclosure log until such time as the charges have been paid by an applicant seeking to access the documents.

Interested parties may access copies of the documents listed in the log below by contacting us. If a copy of the information on our disclosure log is required in an alternative format, please contact the Information Access Unit, and we will endeavor to provide it to you in a more suitable format.

CQHHS Disclosure log

Application Number  / Reference NumberApplicantDecision Date / Date of DecisionPages Disclosed in full or in partTopic / Information Requested
109(13-14)044 SPC Ardmona Pty Ltd 25 February 2014 145 Purchase of processed fruit October 2012 - September 2013
109(13-14)059 Queensland Nurses Union Branch 13 March 2014 5 Affected Position Spreadsheet
109(13-14)091 The Courier Mail 20 August 2014 337 Complaints Data 2013 - 2014, SAC 1 Clinical Incidents 2011-2014
109(14-15)003 ABC 10 February 2015

368 folios released in full - with the exception of irrelevant information

8 folios refused in full

Revised Scope

  1. Any advice, recommendations, consideration or other information about whether a tender or similar open bidding process was used and/or should have been considered and/or used in relation to the partnership with Vanguard health, signed with the Central Queensland Hospital and Health Board, to provide doctors. I am also interested in any information about why a tender or open bidding process was not used in relation to the services provided by Vanguard Health including any concerns about whether taxpayers received best value for money.
  2. Any information about whether Yeppoon Hospital has received value for money and/or market competitive services from the partnership with Vanguard Health.
  3. Any information about whether Queensland Health should have, and/or, could have sourced the doctors for Yeppoon hospital itself and any information about why such a process was not undertaken.
  4. Information about the contract or agreement signed with Vanguard Health including value, terms, conditions, and duration.

The disclosure log will contain a description of the documents released. Interested parties may access copies of the documents listed in this log (either in hard copy, CD or, where possible, email) by contacting us via the following details:


Release of Information (ROI) Unit
Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service
Phone: (07) 4920 6734

Release of Information Unit
Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service
PO Box 871
Rockhampton Qld 4700

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Last updated: 18 February 2015