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About us

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Gladstone Hospital is an integral part of a wider health network providing services to 65,000 people across the Gladstone community.

We are one of many service providers, including local general practitioners (GPs), Medicare Local, and the Mater Hospital, supporting our local community.

Caring for our patients is the top priority of our dedicated staff. We assess and treat each person as an individual and focus on providing the care that best meets their specific needs.

Health service delivery has changed dramatically over the years. In years gone by, doctors, particularly those in rural areas, were responsible for a wide range of care - everything from assisting in the birthing of babies to general surgery.

Today we are working within a new framework - where health services are provided across a region rather than in every town.

Gladstone Hospital part of a broader health service

Our hospital operates as part of the broader Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service network, supported by Rockhampton Hospital and Brisbane hospitals when needed. This is called the ‘hub and spoke’ model and is the practice used throughout Australia. We recognise this is different to the past, however our health services are based on the size and needs of our community now and in the future.

gladstone hospital part of a broader health service

These changes in health service delivery are due to:

  • standards of care becoming more technically complex (e.g. many surgeries are now performed laparoscopically)
  • improved technology
  • higher patient expectations regarding their treatment and overall health
  • increased accessibility to transport and ease of travel
  • increased specialisation among doctors and other medical staff.

In an emergency situation, fast and supervised transport to a higher-level hospital is always available. This is called the 'hub and spoke model' and is the practice used throughout Australia.

increased standards of care image

Increased standards of care

improved transport

Improved Transport

higher patient expectations

Higher patient expectations

Improved technology

Improved technology

increased specialisation amoung doctors and other medical staff

Increased specialisation
amoung doctors and other medical staff

Since 2006 Gladstone Hospital has received a more than 80% funding increase from the Central Queensland Hospital and Health (CQHH) Board, reflecting the importance of our hospital to our community.

increased funding since 2006

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Our health service partners in Gladstone

Gladstone's health care network includes GPs, CQ Medicare Local, the Gladstone Mater Hospital, non-government health providers, and other hospitals in Central Queensland and Brisbane.

We are working with other health service providers to improve health services in Gladstone by:

  • providing integrated maternity, obstetrics and gynaecology, and paediatric services with the Mater Hospital. This will increase the number of specialist services available in Gladstone.
  • partnering with CQ Medicare Local to build strong and supportive relationships with local GPs, so that our patients’ cases are managed well wherever they are.
  • appointment of an orthopaedic specialist jointly with the Gladstone Mater Hospital to service Gladstone.

| CQ Medicare Local | Gladstone Mater Hospital |

our health service partners in gladstone

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Our Board

The Central Queensland Hospital and Health Board was formed as a result of the Australian Government's National Health Reform in July 2012.

It provides services to an estimated 222,500 people across four key locations; Gladstone, Rockhampton, Central Highlands, and Banana. The Board is tasked with setting high-level strategic directions, ensuring accountable and efficient provision of services, monitoring performance, and providing direction to the health service.

The Board members come from Gladstone, Monto, Emerald, Rockhampton, and Yeppoon. They have diverse backgrounds - among them are doctors, nurses, accountants, academics, and farmers.

The Board is committed to ensuring Gladstone Hospital continues as a respected provider of quality health services in the wider health network. It is focused on delivering the most appropriate health care to our community, wherever they are living.

Our Motto - One Service, Many Providers.

Our Mission - Delivering quality, evidence-based, integrated health services focussed around the patient’s journey that are effective, efficient and meet the needs of the community.

Our Vision - Delivering quality, integrated health services focussed on the patient.

Find out more about Our Board and our strategic direction please visit the CQHHS Board website.

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Our team

Our management team consists of an Executive Director / Director Medical Services, Operations Manager, and a Director of Nursing, supported by senior staff from Allied Health, Community Health, Maternity and Child Health, and Mental Health.

We employ 361* people across 272.5 full-time equivalent positions including medical staff, nursing staff, operational staff, trade and artisan staff, health practitioners and professionals, and managerial and clerical staff.

Our staff are qualified and caring and have a proven record of high performance. For example, our Emergency Department is one of the best performing of its size in Queensland. In fact, in March 2013, 87% of patients were seen, treated and departed within four hours of arrival, compared to the national average of 76%.

Our staff and Gladstone Hospital are one and the same - our staff are Gladstone Hospital. We couldn't deliver our great health service without them.


We are proud of our staff and our auxiliary

Our values of care, collaboration, commitment, innovation and respect underpin all that we do. Our staff appreciate the support of our community.

They value the positive and the constructive feedback they receive from our patients and their families.

our values

Gladstone ED performance compared to national average

gladstone hospital emergency dept vs national average

*Staff figures as of May 2013. These figures may vary.

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Emergency Call 000 (triple zero)
call 13 health (13 43 25 84) at any time for practical medical advice and assistance
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Gladstone Hospital Information:

Gladstone Hospital Snapshot (PDF, 900Kb)

Gladstone Hospital find your way around Map (PDF, 185Kb)

Going to hospital
information booklet
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Gladstone Hospital service information brochure (PDF, 365Kb)

Visiting Hours:
7 days a week
10am - 7.00pm

Gladstone GP Referral Information

Gladstone Hospital
(07) 4976 3200

> Available in hospital grounds, no time limit
> Entrance from Park Street and Flinders
Street, Gladstone

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