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General referral criteria

Referrals to specialist outpatient services within Central Queensland Hospital and Health service must be in writing and as a minimum contain the following:

  • Reason for referral, expectations and needs (including the problem to be assessed, degree of loss of function, pain experienced)
  • Patient demographics including Medicare number, interpreter requirements and mobile phone contact number
  • Patient’s mobile phone contact number and an alternate postal or contact address (if not the same as usual residence)
  • Presenting symptoms/observations (including evolution and duration, severity, impact of condition)
  • Physical findings
  • Co morbidities (Including Diabetes, cardiopulmonary, renal, obesity, (BMI) and details of any associated medical conditions which may affect the condition or its treatment
  • Results of relevant investigations (pathology, radiology, histology)
  • Current medications and doses, prescribed and over the counter (note any recent changes in drug therapy)
  • Relevant information about the patient’s condition such as previous medical/surgical treatment (include systemic and topical medications prescribed for the condition)
  • Relevant psychological and social issues including impact on:
    • Employment;
    • Education;
    • Home;
    • Activities of daily living –low/medium/high
  • Alerts (including scripts eg. anticoagulants, immunosuppressive), Allergies (drug/topical preparation)
  • Smoking, alcohol history, substance abuse

Additional requirements

Individual specialties may require additional information to assist with assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Please ensure you check the information contained under the relevant specialty in the service list.

Including all of the above information will assist in a thorough assessment of the referral to ensure appropriate appointment scheduling.

If the referral does not contain sufficient information to accurately categorise the level of clinical urgency, it cannot be accepted and will be returned for further detail.

Sending your referral

Referrals can be sent via:

  • fax
  • posted letter or
  • electronic transfer/EReferral.

All referrals must be signed by the referring practitioner. For the purpose of the electronic referrals a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) constitutes as a signature.

Last updated: 10 May 2017

Where to send your referral


Fax the referral to the fax number listed under the speciality in the service list.

Posted letter

Rockhampton Hospital

SOPD Referral Centre
[Department / Unit]
Rockhampton Hospital
Canning Street
Rockhampton Qld 4700

Gladstone Hospital

SOPD Referral Centre
[Department / Unit]
Gladstone Hospital
PO Box 299
Gladstone Qld 4680

Emerald Hospital

SOPD Referral Centre
[Department / Unit]
Emerald Hospital
Po Box 879
Emerald Qld 4720

Electronic Transfer

eReferral templates are available for download.

Download the hospital template to your practice management software then submit the completed eReferral through your secure messaging service.