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Private (bulk billed) clinics

Private (bulk billed) services are offered in many outpatient clinics. This means that your patient has the right to choose to be treated as a private patient at Gladstone and Rockhampton Hospitals and can be bulk billed for the service with no gap payment.

These funds allow for the delivery of improved services to the local community and your patients.

If seen as a bulk billed (private) patient your patient will have access to one of our staff specialists with right of private practice, and the consultation and investigations performed will be bulk billed.

How to refer to a bulk billed clinic

To refer your patient to a private (bulk billed) clinic, please address the referral to the relevant clinic, and include a named referral to one of our staff specialists with Right of Private Practice, either Option A or B.

Last updated: 10 May 2017


Are you providing care to a patient who lives out of town?

Telehealth provides a way for your patient to see health professionals from all over Queensland without the need to travel too far from home. This can save your patient time and money.

Telehealth appointments are available at our health facilities throughout Central Queensland.

Contact the Telehealth Coordinator or Medical Officer involved in the patient’s care to ask if the next appointment can be Telehealth.