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While you're in hospital


Babies are born with built-in reflexes and mechanisms to assist them to have all their needs met. Fussing, crying and showing certain reflexes is how they communicate what they want. Being with your baby as much as possible helps you to learn your baby's cues and respond to their needs

Your baby will stay in your room with you 24 hours a day, unless they require care in the Special Care Nursery. This is called "rooming-in" and it helps you get to know your new baby and allows you to be responsive to your baby’s needs.

Bed sharing

Having a baby can be tiring work so it is common for women to feel exhausted and sleep deprived. No mum ever means to fall asleep when holding their baby in bed, so here are a few helpful hints to keep baby safe if you have them in bed with you for any reason:

  • be sure to tell the midwife if you plan to bed share
  • keep both bed rails up if bed sharing
  • don't sleep with your baby in the bed if you are really tired or sedated

Identification bands

Your baby should have 2 identification bracelets attached to their ankles at all times. These will be checked against your arm band if you and your baby are separated for any reason.

Hand hygiene

Hand hygiene is very important to keep you and your baby healthy and we encourage staff, patients and visitors to regularly wash their hands.


For your baby’s safety we advise that you:

  • do not leave your baby unattended on your bed
  • only transport your baby in the cot
  • avoid carrying your baby in your arms outside the ward area
  • avoid drinking hot fluids while holding your baby.
Last updated: 30 April 2018