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#healthiertogether Blog

Your frequently asked questions about COVID-19 answered

To help keep our community informed with the right information, we’ve compiled your most frequently asked questions into this blog.

How to care for your children this summer

In this blog, you’ll learn how to care for your kids this summer.

Christmas and your mental health: we’re here to help

To help you beat the Christmas blues this year, our mental health nurse Megan has developed an acronym called N.O.E.L.

How to be a kewl koala this summer

Dedicate some koala-ty time reading the below to help you and those you care for avoid heat-related illness this summer!

How to keep safe during flood clean up

If you have been recently impacted by flooding, we encourage you to read this blog as a reminder about your personal safety as clean-up efforts get underway.

Signs you might be experiencing a burnout and how to regain balance...

Your mental wellbeing is the unique way that you handle your emotions, respond to stress, and is determined by your general outlook on life.

What it’s been like working on the frontline of COVID-19

The global pandemic COVID-19 has changed the way our staff work in our hospitals and health services across Darling Downs Health. We asked four nurses who work in our hospitals across the Southern Downs to explain their experiences of working on the frontline of COVID-19.

Meet the unicorn of weatherproof workouts

What if we told you there is a way you can exercise comfortably no matter what the weather is doing? AND it’s also lots of fun? This unicorn exists, and it is in the form of aqua aerobic classes at the heated pool in our Baillie Henderson Aquatic Centre.

The non-frontline frontline – the health emergency operations centre

There aren’t any non-frontline positions in our health service during a pandemic – we are all non-frontline frontline keeping our communities safe.

Wellness hack: Three tips to sticking to your exercise routine #HealthierTogether

Wellness Hack: Three tips to sticking to your exercise routine #HealthierTogether. Are you struggling to stick to an exercise routine? We hear you; we’ve been there.

10 exercises you can do in your living room

As the weather cools down, are you struggling to leave the warmth and comfort of home to exercise? We’ve got you covered with 10 exercises you can do you in your living room!

Wellness hack: Two ways to relax when you’re stressed

Stress is completely normal and necessary for life. We need stress for creativity, learning, and our very survival. Stress is only harmful when it becomes overwhelming and unmanageable.

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Last updated: 4 January 2018