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Why celery juice is FAKE NEWS

Drinking celery juice each morning on an empty stomach has been labelled by celebrities and social media influencers as a miracle cure.

Swimming Benefits
Health benefits of swimming

Earlier this month we opened our Health and Wellness Centre to the local community. Our 25-metre heated pool, fitted with a ramp for ease of access and passionate lifeguards, is patiently waiting for you to kickstart your health and fitness journey.

How to easily achieve 10,000 steps a day!

Workplaces are becoming increasingly inactive, and with advances in technology we now must make a conscious effort to sit less and get moving. At Darling Downs Health, we care about your health and wellbeing, and reaching 10,000 steps every day is one way to maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle.

Are you a registered organ and tissue donor?

DonateLife Week is held 28 July to 4 August annually to inspire all Australian’s to make a real difference to the lives of others by registering to be an organ and tissue donor.

Raising awareness for National Diabetes Week

National Diabetes Week is held annually from 14 to 20 July and the theme for 2019, ‘It’s About Time’, is raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of diabetes to increase earlier detection and promote action.

What does professionalism look like in the workplace

Professionalism is characterised by the autonomous evidence-based decision making by members of an occupation who share the same values and education.

Ouch! I have a UTI!

Going to the bathroom for a ‘number one’ is generally, majority of the time, a normal relieving feeling. However, for one in two women and one in 20 men, once in their lifetime they will have an uncomfortable and painful ‘number one’ experience.

Don't fluke it

Ned Stark famously warned winter is coming. Well, winter is almost here for 2019 and brace yourself, the flu season is almost here too!

Is mindfulness the new superpower?

It is almost like a buzz word these days “mindfulness” but is it the new superpower it is made out to be?

Make your health your greatest wealth

Investing in our own health sets you up for life-long health benefits, so why do so many of us struggle to understand what “preventative health” actually means?

The one thing you can do RIGHT NOW for a healthy life!

Are you the person who is forever starting a diet or new health trend?

Five tips for mindful eating at Easter

With hot cross bun and Easter chocolate eggs in supermarkets since January, who can resist the urge to have a nibble?

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Last updated: 4 January 2018