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Five ways you can have fun with family and friends while social distancing

28 April 2020

This article was written during our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and reflects the information available at the date of publication.

Please check the Queensland Government COVID-19 webpage for updated information and current health advice regarding COVID-19 in Queensland.

We are all doing our part to flatten the curve and stop the spread of coronavirus by spending as much time as possible in our own homes. We understand this is hard, and you miss your family and friends (and any social interaction with people outside of your own home).

Below we have listed five different ways you can have fun with your family and friends while social distancing!

1.It’s a coffee date!

Milk, check! Coffee beans or pods, check! Kettle or coffee machine, check! Smart device, check! You have all the ingredients to have a coffee date. Now pick a date and time, make your favourite cup of coffee and catch up with your family or friends via video chat! And you want to hear a secret? This alternative is cheaper!

2.Saturday night fever! It’s a dance party in your lounge room

It’s Saturday night and normally you would be a dancing queen, staying up late into the night. Why do you have to stop now? Get dressed in your finest night-time outfit, pick your favourite playlist, call your friends on video-chat, and dance the night away together!

3.Play video-games with your friends

Playing online video games is the perfect alternative to board-games. You can interact through the games by chatting and have a fun experience together. In this link there is a list of games for small and large groups to get you started. You can use a laptop, gaming station, or smart device. Start gaming!

4.Start a virtual book club

How many times have you and your friends talked about starting a book club, but never actually committed? Now you have the time! Goodreads or Facebook are great applications to create a virtual book club. Pick a book, pick a date, and start reading and discussing all things books. You can still borrow books between your book club. Drop books off once you have finished with them into the letterboxes of fellow book club friends.

Visit this blog for tips on how to start your virtual book club. Happy reading!

5.Do an online exercise class together

Are you missing your gym buddy? Or even just missing the gym? Why not try an online exercise class together. Pick a time during the day, pick an online class, and workout together. There are plenty of exercises classes on YouTube, or for ideas head to Happier Healthier and search through their exercise guides.

We would love to hear your creative and fun ways to interact with family and friends while social distancing.

Social distancing from your family and friends is hard and it can impact your mental wellbeing. It can make you feel sad, anxious, lonely and depressed. It is so important to stay connected to your family, friends and community during this time, even if you can’t see them in person.

If you are struggling, reach out and get the support you need. Click here for resources, phone numbers, and ways to get the support you need.

Last updated: 28 April 2020