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Twilight Talks

Twilight Talks is an ongoing series of public lectures hosted by Darling Downs Health.

The talks are intended to provide helpful information and education by local clinicians on a range of health topics suitable for a general audience.

Below is an archive of the audio recording and powerpoint slides of previous talks.

13/08/19Dr Chris WallCreaking hips & knees: osteoarthritis in 2019AudioSlides
20/11/18Dr Theresa JohnsonCoordinating Care between the hospital and your GP  Slides
12/06/18Julie WestawayLaugh without leaking - strategies to avoid or manage incontinenceAudioSlides
22/08/17Dr Marni AustinRecognising and coping with anxietyAudioSlides
04/04/17Dr Nisal GangeDementia: the quiet tsunamiAudio Slides
03/11/16Dr Patty Lee-ApostolLiving Better, Dying BetterAudioSlides
30/06/16Dr Penny HutchinsonImmunisation - what's it all about?Audio  
13/04/16Dr Jeff PrebbleYour child with fever - when to call the doctor and how to manageAudio 
03/12/15Dr Natacha SorourWhat can I do to try to avoid the big C?Audio Slides
03/09/15Dr Sheila CookHealthy living tips to avoid diabetesAudioSlides
02/07/15Dr Luke GaffneyDying at home Slides
01/04/15Dr Nisal GangePrevention of strokes and heart attacks - what we all need to know Slides

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Last updated: 26 June 2018