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Initiative allows health staff to spend more time caring, less time on paperwork

22 August 2018

Dianne Tong.

Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service (DDHHS) is marking Queensland Seniors Week, from 18 to 26 August, by announcing a new initiative to create efficiencies in its residential aged care facilities.

LeeCare, a software solution specifically designed to help improve residential aged care delivery and administration, will go live at Milton House in Miles before rolling out to all residential aged care facilities throughout DDHHS.

Milton House, a 14-bed residential aged care facility, has been the pilot site trialling LeeCare for Queensland Health since June, with staff welcoming the new program.

Milton House Clinical Nurse Dianne Tong said the LeeCare system replaces paper records and saves time by eliminating the double-handling of information.

"We volunteered to be the pilot site for LeeCare because we thought the program would be beneficial to both our residents and staff," Mrs Tong said.

"Throughout the trial period we found that LeeCare allowed our nursing staff to spend more time with our residents through reducing their administrative workload," she said.

"LeeCare now contains all our patient and administration information and forms, links to Medicare, and provides additional functionality such as staff alerts," she said.

"Just one example of how LeeCare improve efficiencies is that patient information – such as their full name, date of birth, Medicare number and allergies – only has to be entered once, and then automatically migrates to all forms and documents we need to fill out for that patient.

"Another example is that nursing staff can complete their daily records of patient care as they go using a mobile device such as a tablet, instead of having to go back to the nursing station to fill in paperwork later in their shift.

"This saves time, improves accuracy and reduces the potential for mistakes that can be made through human error."

Mrs Tong said all Milton House staff have now been trained in using the new software and the feedback is that they love how efficient it is.

"Our nursing staff say that by using LeeCare, they are now able to spend more time caring for our residents, which is the part of the job they are most passionate about," she said.

"Our administration staff say that LeeCare helps to simplify processes related to quality and compliance, financial management and operations management, allowing them to do their job more efficiently."

Last updated: 28 September 2018