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Guest surgeon helps give back quality of life to Kingaroy man

20 July 2018

Dr Kellee Slater (left) and Dr Neil Wylie performed complex hernia repair surgery at Toowoomba Hospital last week.

Kingaroy resident Kevin Soper is hoping to get some quality of life back thanks to the skill of two surgeons who performed complex hernia repair and gallbladder removal surgery last week.

Toowoomba Hospital surgeon Dr Neil Wylie was joined by Princess Alexandra Hospital hepatobiliary specialist Dr Kellee Slater who travelled to Toowoomba specifically to operate on Mr Soper in a four-hour session.

Mr Soper’s hernia issues started when an overly excited dog jumped up on him in 2015, puncturing his bowel with its paw and resulting in a colostomy.

Since then, complications from three previous surgeries including scar tissue and abdominal wall issues meant his latest surgery wasn’t a routine case.

“I was most appreciative of Dr Wylie and Dr Slater performing my surgery,” Mr Soper said.

“Dr Wylie’s a good bloke, he has that caring ability, and the nurses here at Toowoomba Hospital have been very good.”

Mr Soper said the multiple hernias had felt like he had a bag of concrete sitting around his waist.

“It feels much better knowing they’re no longer there, it makes the suffering in my recovery worthwhile.”

Mr Soper, who previously enjoyed fitness activities like going to the gym and walking, is hoping to return to some his favourite pastimes.

“I am looking forward to getting around and living a normal life again.”

Last updated: 3 August 2018